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Company Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Types


Profit Sharing Plan

Roth 401(k)

Defined Benefit Plan

Combination Plans



Individual 401k – i401k


Plan Design

Responsibilities of Plan Sponsors

How we work with Plan Sponsors


  • Within each plan, we look to provide the appropriate low cost fund options in order to decrease participant expenses. With recent changes in disclosure requirements, we realize employees and plan sponsors are looking for value and to demystify hidden costs.
  • Higher costs do not always mean outperformance. Often times the best opportunity for superior investment performance can come from lower cost mutual funds.

Plan Communication

  • Wealth Management Solutions will prepare and electronically distribute required notices in a timely manner.
  • Our education approach is to consistently move the needle toward increased employee participation and increased deferrals. Through onsite enrollment meetings and providing Retirement Readiness reports to employees, plan participation can significantly increase and improve plan testing outcomes.
  • We also offer additional education options for employees based on their needs (Social Security for older employees, College Saving ideas for parents)

Coordination of Partners

  • Wealth Management Solutions coordinates directly with Administrators and Record keepers who provide a full spectrum of services at conservative pricing. Much like our approach toward investing, the cost of doing business should not be a barrier to consistently high levels of service.