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Main Areas of Financial Planning

• Cash Flow – Retirement Planning. By projecting income and expenses over a client’s life, we can determine if they are able to live the life they want in retirement.

• Risk Management / Insurance - We review and evaluate various types of insurance. A key component to any financial plan is making sure you’re protected from certain negative events.  This includes life, disability, long-term care, property & casualty, etc.

• Income Tax Planning – Developing a tax strategy can save thousands of dollars a year.  It’s not about how much money you make, rather how much money you keep.  We work with your CPA to develop and implement a custom tax strategy.  Since your situation and tax laws change frequently, we reassess the strategy on a regular basis.

• Estate Planning – Coordinating your legal documents, beneficiary designations and charitable desires are three of the areas we address. All too often we meet with new clients and their legal documents are outdated or their beneficiary designations don’t match with their documents.

• Company Benefits / Employee Benefits – Business owners, employees, and corporate executives each have unique options.

• Investing – At the core of our clients’ financial plans is investment management. Although portfolios are designed differently for those who are accumulating (saving) assets as compared to those who are in the decumulation (spending) assets, the science of investing remains the same.  The art of investing is how the science of investing is applied to a client’s unique situation.

• Other – Situation Specific areas.  Business Owners, Retirees, Divorcees, Widows, each have specific planning needs based on their situations, so we address these areas with some clients but not all clients.

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